Wikipedia defines immorality as “the violation of moral laws, norms or standard.” In a lighter note immorality is equally leveled against individuals, a certain group of people, beliefs, religion and a work of art. This simply means that there is an offender and victim. The victims of immorality are the usually left vulnerable, sometimes, sick, sometimes dead.

In the case of the entertainment industry the viewers; the audience are sometimes the prime victim for they are being fed with loathsome things that mislead or misinform them.

Over the years the entertainment industry has taken a preposterous delight in passing a beautiful message in an obnoxious approach, hence norms are trampled upon and impunity becomes the major depiction. You see a beautiful song marred with a sexual videos, a beautiful storyline of a movies ridiculed by strong sexual scenes and irrelevant violent scenes. With these themes either lost or misplaced simply because many entertainers have become awfully unaware of “the reason for the art.”

The reason for every piece  of art is not only to entertain, but also to educate, to inform and to devise a means of solving a particular problem surrounding an individual, a particular group of people or the masses at large, but these reasons have been lost in many contents in the entertainment industry.

It is important to list the various immoral behaviours in the entertainment industry which rapidly sears the societal moral. Smoking, indecent dressing and other forms of ills are

Nudity is another immoral behaviour in the entertainment industry. Every entertainer seeks for a means of direly engaging his audience with something sizzling; to show his audience a surprise of all times. In the music industry, for instance, the recent musical videos display young woman; those dressed on transparent apparels, or those partially naked, or total stark, dancing for a singer who is fully dressed. A young viewer at home perceives it as normal life and imbibes it into his way of life and this exposes the younger audience to a negative lifestyle that could be dangerous to him and the society.

In movies, indecent dressing, fatal display of blood scenes, sex scenes, nudity, religious assaults, smoking, wrong interpretations of cultural and religious idiosyncrasy. In magazines, different kinds of nude pictures are sampled on the front pages, in live programs in radios, undiluted sexual topics are aired.

Apparently, there are many unprofessional in the entertainment industry. Everyone wants to join the bandwagon: everyone wants to either become a singer or an actor or a magazine editor without any little knowledge of it. A writer writing for a radio drama forgets the rule of “writing for the ear” thereby writing to involve, and a writer writing for the television forgets the rule of “writing for the eyes” thereby bringing in disturbing pictures to the audience.  When a writer writes for the eyes he should be careful of the way he portrays certain images, especially sexual related words. The uses of figures of speech will be helpful here.

For many years, the music and the movie industries have suffered terrible loses in the hands of the pirates. These pirates are either merchants who are desperate to harvest in a vineyard watered by another man or those who intentionally wants to ruin the investment of the others. Piracy is theft and theft is an immoral behaviour which can leave the victim useless or even dead.

Adult movies, as the name implies are now being watched by the teens. There is serious incursion of sex movies that they are being hawked on the streets. Movie with strong sexual contents, tribal hatred or vulgar words easily go viral on the internet every day.

Conversely there are ways to battle immorality in the entertainment industry. The government should put a powerful tax-force to protect the contents from piracy. Another way is to set up a strict censorship board, or possibly, review the existing board to ascertain that movies, music videos and some publications are vigorously censored before they are brought to the audience. Every level of the entertainment industry should have professionals, who are brilliant enough to understand that entertainment is also a means of education and information can as well serve as a means of building of a better nation and generation. Parents should guide their children from polluting their innocent minds with corrupt contents from music movies, sex magazines and movies or listening to programs that affect their norms.

Written by Nonso Uzozie


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